Natural Cleaning: On Guard

Last night, my niece was sick while at my mother’s house.  She wasn’t sure if it was some kind of flu, food poisoning, or anything else, but she was in need of disinfecting of toys at her house to make sure that the other grandkids would stay healthy and not catch anything if it was contagious.

I told her to make a mixture of On Guard and water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it over the toys and hard surfaces.

On Guard

On Guard – doTERRA’s proprietary protective blend

She was thrilled to learn about using On-Guard to clean her home.  She grew up knowing Lysol as being widely known for being able to clean and disinfect, but as it’s not safe to spray that on items that may be touched or teethed on (my youngest niece is almost 9 months old and puts everything in her mouth) she wanted a healthy alternative.

This mixture of On Guard and water (approximately 15 drops for every 6 ounces of water) can be used on doorknobs, piano keys, hands, steering wheel of vehicle, gearshift of vehicle, shopping carts and handles, public telephones, computer keyboard, computer mice, deodorant, clean hands before and after shaking hands, air freshener, spray on gym equipment, spray on yoga mats, desks in a classroom, tables in a classroom, shower and bathtub

Why is On Guard great to use for cleaning?

On Guard is formulated for immune function.  The blend features wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary for a natural and effective alternative to synthetic cleaning and immune support options.  It is safe on counter tops as a non-toxic way to cleanse surfaces and can also clear the air when it is diffused in a space.  On Guard can help eliminate and control pathogens due to the potency of the essential oils in the blend.  Depending on the concentration, it can be 40 – 90% effective in reducing your chances of contracting the flu.

On Guard is safe for internal use for babies, children, adults, pregnant women,… everyone! :)  doTERRA even offers On Guard Cleaning Concentrate, Soothing Throat Drops, and Whitening Toothpaste.

Other uses for On Guard:

  • mix with water and gargle for 1 minute at the onset of a sore throat
  • mix 5 drops of On Guard and 5 drops of oregano in a veggie cap and taken at the onset of a cold or flu
  • rub into the soles of children’s feet at night during cold & flu season for immune system support
  • put 50 drops in a spray bottle with 30 oz of tap or distilled water, shake often and use for sanitizing in kitchen and bathroom
  • add to dishwasher for a micro clean
  • add to mop water
  • natural antibiotic recipe: On Guard (5 drops), Oregano (4 drops), Frankincense (3 drops), Peppermint (2 drops), and Lemon (1 drop) in a veggie cap
  • natural carpet cleaning: add 15 drops to a cup of cornstarch and sprinkle over carpet, rake/brush/sweep carpet, leave for 1 hour, and vacuum


“52 Uses of On Guard”

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