doTERRA and Yoga

I believe I may have posted information about doTERRA essential oils and essential oil blends being used with yoga before but today I had a wonderful experience and I wanted to share it.

This morning, my husband and I completed a yoga DVD together (Power Yoga by Rodney Yee, available for approximately $9.00 on Amazon).  It had been the first time that our scheduled had aligned for us to do a workout video together in a long time.

While the husband set up the DVD, I got out my diffuser and chose to put Purify in for during our session.


Purify - doTERRA's cleansing blend

Purify – doTERRA’s cleansing blend

I found myself to be much more calmed and relaxed afterwards than usual and the air smelled fresh and clean.  Purify is the cleansing blend available from doTERRA and is designed to clean air and surfaces.  You can even make a simply yoga mat cleaning solution mixing Purify with water in a spray bottle.  It contains lemon, lime, pine, citronella, melaleuca, and cilantro.

I highly recommend considering diffusing doTERRA during yoga if you haven’t already done so.  Look at my post about yoga and essential oils for some ideas of what to diffuse.


Picture of Purify with checklist is from  Check out their article about Purify, here!

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