Are you ready for mosquito season?

Lavender, Melaleuca, & TerraShield - Your team against bugs!

Lavender, Melaleuca, & TerraShield – Your team against bugs!

I don’t know about you guys, but so far our experience this year is looking at each other thinking, “Is it just me or are the mosquitoes on steroids?”  Last night, we had our first bonfire of the year – something I look forward to… the smell of the fire, hosting friends at our house, enjoying delicious s’mores – and we were glad we were prepared with our collection of doTERRA oils and blends.


With perfect timing, my monthly Loyalty Rewards order arrived yesterday afternoon and included our first bottle of TerraShield, doTERRA’s proprietary repellant blend.  My husband is terribly attractive to mosquitoes – so bad that I can almost go out without bug spray because they will ignore me in favor of him.  So, we were excited to give TerraShield a try.   I made a spritzer of the blend mixed with regular tap water (to make it a bit more sprayable and last longer).  It smelled wonderful and worked amazingly!  My cousin, his fiancé, and her sister were over last night and all of them commented on how it definitely smelled better than other brands of bug spray… the sister even going as far as to compare spraying yourself with perfume/cologne.

I emerged after enjoying hours outside around the bonfire free of ANY mosquito bites!  That is simply unheard of – even in past years when I used things like Off and Cutter sprays!  I usually still ended up with a few bites… but, with TerraShield, nothing!   I was thoroughly impressed!


My husband had gone outside without fully spraying himself – neglecting the tops of his feet at first and ended up with a few bites.  I made a blend of Lavender and Melaleuca (mixed equal parts with Fractionated Coconut Oil) in a roll-on bottle to help with the itchy bite areas.

If you would like more information about TerraShield or the blends I referred to in this article, email me at

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